Bright View Montessori Benefits

Education Based Learning

We offer a highly enriched academic curriculum, subjects are not taught in isolation and the curriculum is interdisciplinary and interactive. We also focus on the Arts and French as a second language  Our teachers are qualified and trained in the Montessori method. 

No Fundraising or Volunteering

Parents are not required to participate in fundraising or volunteer at the school during the year. We understand the constraints on your time so there is no need to worry about finding childcare for your other children so you can fulfill your roster duty. Parents also do not need to worry about providing a snack or participate in toy washes. If a parent would like to come into the classroom they are more than welcome at any time throughout the school year!

Extracurricular Programs

In addition to our core studies in Math and Language Arts, students receive training from qualified teachers in Music, Movement & Theatre, Yoga, Dance, Sportball and Engineering! 


We have an outdoor play space at the school so your child can run and play to develop their gross motor skills. No need to walk to a play space, it is right in our backyard!  We try to go outside almost every class.

What Our Valuable Parents Have Shared with Us:

"Elise is an amazing teacher. The way she teaches the children is unique and she makes learning fun! She is one of those teachers that will always be remembered." -Imelda M (Parent)