Testimonials of Previous Employees and Parents


"When it comes time to choose a preschool for your child, most parents are picky - everyone wants what's best for their child. The Montessori preschool, ran by Elise Dasko, stood out compared to the other preschools in our area. The staff were welcoming and built an instant rapport with the kids, as well as the parents. The general atmosphere of the school was warm and inviting - my children loved going to school! Also, the Montessori curriculum was a huge draw for my husband and I. We had researched the benefits of sensory-based and self-directed learning, and wanted that for our children. Watching them grow and learn in the Montessori environment made me pleased with our decision to put our children in that preschool. I would recommend, and have recommended, the Montessori preschool to other families." - Jenine A. (Parent)

"Elise is an amazing teacher. The way she teaches the children is unique and she makes learning fun! She is one of those teachers that will always be remembered." - Imelda M (Parent)


"Mrs. Elise Dasko employed me for 3 years as the Art Instructor!  It was a pleasure to work for her, very healthy work environment!  Mrs. Dasko was very hands on and the children were always happy and challenged! The cleanliness of her school was immaculate! I would work for her anytime as I believe she always puts the child before anything else!" - Miss Myrna (Art teacher)

Additional Letters of Reference

Kori Letter of Reference (pdf)


Helve Reference Letter (pdf)